Local Cool Kid: Amal Altareb

Bezos Scholar Program recipient is challenged with improving her community

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - She quickly decided to apply for a scholarship. And that decision could ultimately unite the Memphis community. As one of just a dozen Bezos scholars in America, Amal Altareb will participate in the year-long leadership development program for public high school juniors and educators. 

Altareb spent a week in Aspen, but the impact from that trip could last a lifetime. 

"It was a very diverse group with a lot of diverse passions and they were like so inspiring, you know, you can't not like get inspired,' she said. 

One of 12 high school juniors selected in the U.S. as a Bezos scholar, a year long leadership development program for public high school juniors, the Central High senior was inspired, encouraged, motivated.

Now, she's challenged with a huge undertaking, to improve her community. 

"I'm not confident. I don't know if I'm going to leave a mark or not, but I'm going to try," she said. "I have the chance, I'm here with all of these opportunities, I'll try my best."

Her project seems perfect for the divisive stories that dominate recent headlines. 

Work to promote dialogue between the different groups that call Memphis home. 

"Hopefully, the long term is they work together to change our community," she said. 

Now, in between applying for college and wrapping up her senior year, she's making time to change the world around her. 

"Everyone wants the chance to do something," said Altareb. "When you get that chance, you can't not take it. No matter what's going on in your life, you have to take that chance." 

Now is when the real hard work begins. 

Amal has to get a concrete plan laid out by an end of September deadline. 

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