Local Good News: Idlewild Students Go Green & Create The Memphis STAX Sound

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - On this Valentine's Day, we think you'll really 'love' this story. Got milk? Then, you likely have some milk cartons around.  And, if so, you can learn from students at Idlewild Elementary School on how to re-purpose them all while being super creative. It's local good news.

"How many of you drink milk in the cafeteria?  How many of you use milk cartons every day?" asked the principal of Idlewild Elementary School during an assembly.

Students at Idlewild just learned a valuable lesson: how to recycle and how to be creative. Drums, Guitar, Microphone, Piano, Headsets and Saxophone were created by the elementary school students. And, the instruments are all made out of milk cartons. It's 'The Memphis Sound: Stax'!

"This is really cool because we took a few milk cartons and turned them into something amazing, and I think that's pretty special," said Idlewild Student Mataya Fitzgerald. "It took three months to get the milk cartons, four weeks to assemble them."

You read right. They collected more than 500 milk cartons and used more than half of them to create their musical instruments. And, their teacher says it all began with a simple lesson.

"We were actually teaching students the importance of going green," said Idlewild Teacher Patrice Gillespie.

"I learned that it is good to help the environment, and you can make many things out of milk cartons: instruments, basketballs, footballs," said Idlewild Student Marshal Smith Jr. 

"Sometimes you can just take a bunch of things and throw them in the garbage, when really they can be recycled and used to make newer, better things," said Fitzgerald.

And for the student's hard work, the students received $1,000 for their school plus a plaque. And, they also learned as a sign at their school reads, 'Teamwork makes the dream work'.

And that's local good news.


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