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Local Good News: Programs for Teachers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Educators, keep reading! Georgia Pacific is sponsoring teachers to attend one of two programs: the Keystone Science School or the Bill of Rights Institute. It's local good news.

Precious Hallman is a teacher at Douglass K-8 Optional School in Memphis. Mrs. Hallman was a recipient of a training course grant where she spent a week in Silverthorne, Colorado, learning how to improve her skills in the classroom.

"Sending us somewhere where we can get more knowledge to bring back to our children here in Memphis, so I think that was great, important," said Douglass K-8 School 4th Grade Science Teacher Precious Hallman.

The training program was made possible by Georgia Pacific Foundation's Teacher Development Programs.

"Georgia Pacific is committed to investing in the community in which our employees live and work," said Georgia Pacific's Public Affairs Manager James Barnes. "We have four main focus areas: education, entrepreneurship, the environment and community enrichment."

Teachers from Douglass K-8 Optional School in Memphis and Farmington Elementary in Germantown have been recipients of the program.  And now, Georgia Pacific is looking for a few more good teachers to send to either Colorado for the Science School or to Virginia for the Bill of Rights Institute.  It's free of charge to the teacher.  All educators have to do is apply.

And according to Mrs. Hallman, it's well worth it.  She won the award two years ago, and the science school still sends her teachable material to this day like a water testing kit for children she just received.

"So, we go on scavenger hunts to the park, Douglas Park, right behind the school.  And, it's huge.  So, they have a lot of room to go around, pick up specimen, bring them back and use the microscope and zoom in and see what's going on.  So, it gives them a lot of hands on action.

Hallman says through the teacher development program she learned lessons that stuck with her and helps her make her students science stars. And that's local good news.

Since Georgia Pacific officials started the program, they've sent more than two hundred teachers to participate in the training programs. The deadline to apply is March 17, 2017.  

Click here to assess the application for Keystone Science School. 

Click here to access the application for the Bill of Rights Institute Founders Fellowship.



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