Local Good News: Susan Taylor Challenges Women To Step Up And Help Solve Our Nation's Problems

Memphis, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - You can't say Essence Magazine without her name being associated with the publication.  

The former chief editor of Essence, Susan Taylor, was recently in the Mid-south.  

Taylor was at Ole Miss challenging women to step up and help solve our nation's problems.

It's local good news.   

Susan Taylor, the visionary behind building the Essence Magazine brand, was recently at Ole Miss where she spoke to more than two hundred (200) students, faculty, staff and community members.  She discussed social challenges.

"The world is never going to work until women have our proper place in it," said National Cares Mentoring Movement Founder and CEO Susan Taylor.  "We need to encourage, protect, uplift and make a place for women at the table."

Taylor says that place can begin with mentoring.  She's the founder and CEO of the National Cares Mentoring Movement.  The mission is to change futures for our young people targeting those who are struggling and living in poverty.

It is the nation's fastest growing mentor-recruitment organization.  It's in fifty-eight (58) cities including here in Memphis.  Shelby County Commissioner Willie Brooks overseas efforts here. 

Organization leaders train volunteers as mentors, tutors, reading buddies and role models.

"The country can not survive and thrive with so much talent being marginalized, and it's a really huge role for us to undertake," said Taylor.

But, it's a role Taylor says women can do.  And that's local good news.

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