Local I-Team: Investigation Into Animal Rescue Group In Desoto County

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (localmemphis.com) - An animal rescue group in Desoto County, Mississippi, is under investigation amid concerns of dogs living in deplorable conditions.

Those following the situation want to know why dogs at the North Mississippi Great Dane Rescue haven't been removed from two homes. Desoto County Animal Control is investigating, but critics say more needs to be done.

Pictures sent to the Local I-Team are a plea for help. A concerned citizen says the pictures show dogs living in deplorable conditions.

According to the tipster, the head of the rescue group doesn't live there anymore, but stops by to feed the animals. There are at least 18 dogs and 40 chickens.

The home can't be seen from the road, but one neighbor sees the dogs all the time.

"I've seen at least 20. At one point in the day she lets them all loose, and they are over here and over there. They run all over the place,” said Samantha Holmes.

Additional dogs are kept in a house several miles away. According to people that live in that neighborhood, the poop is a real problem.

"It's a sad story, about the stinking like that. Flies come up there. Just swarm up there," said neighbor Terry Sanderson.

We tried to talk to the woman who runs the rescue but she wouldn't answer the door.

"Our findings, since it is still under investigation, we need to keep that on the quiet," said Jason Patrick with Desoto County Animal Control.

We're told Desoto County Animal Control Officers are monitoring the situation. That being said, in Desoto County, the law is pretty basic, food/water and shelter is all a dog owner has to provide.

"When it comes to the living conditions of the property owner or the animals’ owner, we have to give them every chance we can to correct the issue, and that’s where we stand right now," said Patrick.

Critics say the rescue group shouldn't be given a chance to clean things up; the dogs should be removed from the home immediately.

Due to complaints and the ongoing investigation, Memphis Animal Services has suspended its Pet Placement Partner relationship with the group.

Late Wednesday, Desoto County released a statement saying animal control has begun the steps asking a judge to allow the animal to be removed from the homes and brought to the shelter, until they can be placed with a different rescue group.



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