Man Found Shot At Millington Shooting Range

MILLINGTON, TENN ( - Millington Police have identified a 22-year-old Memphis man found shot at a Millington shooting range as Trenton Marquis Warren. was on the scene in Millington as Warren was airlifted to Regional One Wednesday afternoon with a single gunshot wound to the head.

People following this story want to know how this all happened.

Investigators are still trying to sort it out, but the two words people are using most as it relates to this story are "sad" and "prayers."

In Millington, Thursday afternoon, people were either near Top Brass Sports or got word very fast of a man shot in the store's gun range.

"We don't know if he'd been at this range before and they're going back and checking their records because when you come in the Gun Range, you have to sign in," said Millington Public Safety Director Gary Graves. 

Call it an unusual accident.

People we talked with, who know the family who runs Top Brass, were too unnerved about the shooting to talk about it on camera.

They say the family is strict about safety on the shooting range.

It only took first responders, headquartered across the parking lot from Top Brass, moments to respond to the shooting call around 2:30.

Graves says the four people working at the shooting range Thursday heard a lull in Warren's gun fire.

They went in to find the 22-year-old lying there with a 40 caliber gunshot wound to his head.

Weighing on the minds of many is if this was an accident or suicide attempt.

"Whether he mishandled, that's still early in the investigation right now," said Graves. "With him being in there by himself there were no other witnesses to that."

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