Manhood University: Helping Those Who Are Lost To Lead

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Tucked into a well groomed Frayser neighborhood sits Pastor Ricky Floyd's church.

He knows it, all of Frayser's flaws, all of its problems.

He sees the men who are drifting into trouble. In fact, Floyd often looks directly into the eyes of troubled people from his pulpit at Pursuit of God Transformation Center. "I see men who are hopeless," he says. "Men who have no guidance and men who have given up, because they feel they've been given up on, so they're in survival mode."

Pastor Floyd is participating in a city program called "Manhood University." They have fancy ways of describing it at City Hall, but Pastor Floyd has his own way of talking about the program.

"You don't wait for them to come," he says. "You've got to be aggressive. When you go fishing, you go to where the fish are. You want bass, you go to the bass lake. So social media is one of the tools we use. Grandmoms and girlfriends, we use them to go out and reach them."

The fact is some of the young and vulnerable only seem to listen to men. So Manhood University is a five-week program that gives some of the lost men a chance to regain their footing.

"You have to have a heart and compassion to the people" Pastor Floyd says, "...and even when you see them in the midst of tragedy, their burdens, their mistakes, failure, you've got to love the hell out of them is what I say."

Manhood University is going on at six other churches in Memphis, and will run through the next five weeks.



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