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Memphis City Council Passes Budget

MEMPHIS, Tenn (localmemphis.com) -  It's a done deal. 


The Memphis City Council approved the Mayor's proposed budget.


$1.5 million will go to police and fire departments to fund 5 future recruiting classes, medical personnel and security cameras.


Infrastructure will be funded by $19 million for street paving.


$59 million is for the city's annual pension fund.


Some city workers will see at much as a 10% pay increase with $2.4 million going to employee pay bringing full time employees to $15.50 per hour.


More that $2 million will go to youth programming at libraries, parks and community centers.


Mayor Strickland is pleased the budget was cleared, but an exploratory committee has more work to do.


"Again, our revenue only increases by about $10 million dollars a year, our pension still is not fully funded, our firefighters and police officers were not able to get a pay increase this year," said Strickland. "We need to make that a priority, though it's hard to do everything you want to do."


Strickland says his administration will work with that committee to address those things they didn't cover with this year's budget.


Property owners can also look forward to another year with no rate hike.

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