Memphis Mayor Says He Wants Amazon To Come Here

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - In Memphis and Shelby County, there is one "Big Daddy" when it comes to companies. It's a place called FedEx. Bring Amazon in and that's "Big Daddy's" younger brother.

Amazon is a giant, a company that now dominates e-commerce.

It wants to find a place to build a second headquarters; a $5-billion facility where as many as 50,000 people will eventually work.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland wants it."We're on it," is how he put it on Twitter.



Memphis has a lot going for it, according to economist Doctor John Gnuschke of the University of  Memphis.

"We've got a powerful airport," he says, "...and Amazon needs an airport. And we've got an airport that could grow, and they could grow their facilities here."

The Memphis region, not just the city, but the area around the city, becomes a selling point, with tens of thousands of jobs eventually available. Everybody would get a chance to sop up some of that Amazon monetary gravy.

"When you're talking about that many jobs," says Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland, " know, you're talking a lot of jobs. You're going to have people coming from everywhere."

The effect on the Memphis economy would be like connecting the old city to a pair of jumper cables to give it a boost. A boost that is needed, according to Gnuschke.

Amazon is not expected to decide anything until next year, but the battle is on. According to Dr. Gnuschke, "It would change the economy of Memphis. It would give it some new energy. It would certainly be a new set of opportunities for all of our workers."

What happens when they try to bring a company in a city or a region is, the whole thing goes into super secret mode. You don't hear anybody talking about anything for fear they might give out some information that another city can use. So you won't hear anything until maybe the day they can make the announcement. 

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