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Memphis Neighborhood Concerned About Drivers Hitting Cars Legally Parked On the Street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Central Garden's renter Gregg White is tired of filling out accident reports.


"I've lived here a year and have had three accidents," said White.


His first vehicle was totaled. In March a driver side swiped his Nissan Rogue, tearing off his side view mirror.


"I live in a duplex, so I have to park on the street," he told Local 24. "You expect your vehicle to be safe."


Several people living along Peabody Avenue say legally parked cars are prime targets for drivers, especially at night.


"Last night they caught the fender of my car," said White. "After they rear ended the neighbor's car. Rammed it up on the little hill. It was up on that hill so that indicates that someone is doing an excess amount of speed."


Speed limit signs clearly read 35 mph.


"I drive up and down this road doing 35," said White. "There are times when people just pass alongside me speeding."


Similar stories are circulating on the social media app Nextdoor.


One person wrote, "We had a minivan totaled parked next door on the Street. The guy that hit our vehicle was not drunk."


Donita Cunningham told Local 24 the situation is so bad she invested in a large orange construction cone.


"I put it outside behind my guests when they stay over."


Cunningham said she hopes the reflectors on the ground give drivers notice to move over.


As for White, he said he would like his car to remain in one piece but says that starts with more people respecting the road.


"Just slow down," he said. "Obey the speed limit and pay attention."

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