Mississippi Rape Victims Have To Travel To Get Care

DESOTO COUNTY, MS (localmemphis.com) - When a person is sexually assaulted, minutes count when it comes to collecting evidence.

But for some in the Mid-South, help after an assault can be miles away. Even across state lines.

Rape victims said they have to travel miles away, often to other areas to get the care they need.
The reason? There are not that many places for them to have a rape kit collected.
Victims in the Mid-South said that makes getting justice very difficult.  
Mississippi law enforcement often has to take rape victims miles away, sometimes to Tennessee, for rape kit testing and other care.

"I would love to tell you we have trained a nurse from every facility in Mississippi, but that's not our reality," Shalotta Sharp with the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault said. "Your investigator is going to be a Mississippi Investigator is now tasked with going to Tennessee to get that evidence or to transport that victim."

Hospital officials we spoke with in DeSoto County said the reason why there is no immediate care in the area is because they don't see that many rape cases.
They also say they do not foresee a change in how their system works. 

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