MLGW Customers Concerned about Delayed, Higher Bills

People in the Mid-south are wondering what is going on with their MLGW bill this month. Some are complaining that their utility bills are delayed getting to their home and once they get there, customers are surprised by what they owe. 
"It's been a little bit warmer and we've been out of town. We're from Louisiana so we go down there to stay a couple of weeks and I know we keep the temperature down low so I would have thought it would have been a little bit less than what it was," said MLGW customer Brian Williams. 
Williams didn't see a break and some of his Cordova neighbors hopped on to complain that their bill didn't seem right either. There were some posts that their bill had actually doubled from the month before. 
The culprit to the higher than expected bill might be because MLGW estimated your bill based on historically how much electricity, gas or water was used during the same time last year. 
It should be corrected the next month and it will be done manually. 
 "Whenever a bill is estimated, we have to check on it to make sure we don't overcharge, undercharge our customers," said MLGW spokeswoman Gale Jones Carson.
Carson says MLGW has been doing a lot of estimating lately and smart meters are sort of to blame.  
MLGW is phasing out meter readers in favor of the new technology and meter readers are moving on faster than MLGW expected. 
 "So what happened is some of the meter readers don't want to wait until the full implementation of the smart meters so they are already bidding on other jobs, taking other jobs, they may be retiring," said Carson. 
A smaller pool of meter readers is making it more difficult to reach everyone's home. 
Carson says once you get a smart meter all of this guessing about your bill will go away. MLGW has already installed more than 200,000 smart meters and they should have all 1 million smart meters installed by 2020.
Also remember, if you don't want a smart meter you can opt out. 


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