MPD May Be Using Super Secret Stingray Technology

MEMPHIS, TN - ( - Police all across the nation use several different methods to try and deter crime. A new system, however, could be monitoring your every move and Memphis Police might be utilizing it. It is a story Local 24 is bringing you first.

The interception program, called "Stingray" allows law enforcement to download nearby data. This data can include what's stored on your phone to a conversation you're having right then and there.

According to the Associated Press, at least 40 law enforcement agencies across the nation are using the Stingray system. The system itself can be moved around with ease and uses cell phone towers around it.

When the Memphis Police Department was asked whether or not they are using this technology, Spokesperson Karen Rudolph said: "We are not at liberty to discuss how technology is used to enhance our ability to address crime."

Many people say they are a bit unnerved knowing this kind of technology could be in use around them. Law experts say police departments often won't confirm if they are, indeed, using the Stingray system.

"It suggests maybe they're using it or getting ready to use it," said Steve Mulroy, the Associate Dean at the University of Memphis Law School. "Otherwise, the simplest answer would be to say we're not using it."

Several wonder with this kind of technology, how will they know if their rights are being protected. Mulroy says the only way to know if there is any abuse of the system is to know how it's being used.

Agencies who admit to using the Stingray system say they use it to prevent terrorist attacks. Courts, however, still need to monitor these services.

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