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Olive Branch Teen Has Become A World-Ranked CrossFit Champ

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - A local teen has become a world champion. He's being recognized for his hard work and dedication to getting fit. The 15-year-old Lewisburg High School student started Crossfit two years ago, and he's already ranked 11th in the world.

“I didn't really wanna do it at first. I was kinda iffy about it, you know,” said Daniel Kuc.

That changed when Kuc started CrossFit; an intense workout that strengthens the body. He trains at CrossFit Blue Blood on Goodman Road in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

“I started doing CrossFit and I fell in love with it and I just became addicted,” said Kuc.

Kuc decided to try CrossFit to help with football. He wanted to get stronger. It wasn't long though before his focused changed.

“I actually stopped playing football so I could straight up do CrossFit,” said Kuc.

Kuc is a straight A student. He's also humble about being ranked 11th in the world in CrossFit.

“I don't really think it's dawned on me yet.”

Kuc is currently training to compete in the CrossFit games in Wisconsin in late July. He credits his success with tough training sometimes 7 days a week, and a Polish diet.

“My mom’s diet. Her soups. Her polish food. The bomb,” said Kuc.


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