Pastor Defends Couple After Wedding Photo Goes Viral

Published 06/02 2014 10:24PM

Updated 06/03 2014 11:59AM

JACKSON, TN ( The pastor of a Mid-South bride who sewed her infant into the train of her wedding dress says the social media frenzy over a picture of the wedding is being blown out of proportion.

Pastor Iran Yarbrough of Elam Baptist Church in Ripley, said by the time Johnathon and Shona Carter-Brooks made it to the alter, the infant was no longer sewn into the wedding train.

"You mean she had the baby going down the aisle?" said Chloris Dodson, who lives near Carter-Brooks. "That's just wild."

"She actually planned that, to have the baby going down the aisle?" Larry Jones asked. "A one-month old baby should be held or in a crib. It shouldn't be in the bottom of a dress."

"It is unbelievable that somebody would sew a baby to a dress," he added.

A pic of the couple and baby Aubrey exploded online, with articles in newspapers from New York to England. 

Carter-Brooks reacted on Facebook.

"The answer is we do what we want when we want long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gone continue to be fine," she wrote. "Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train."

Carter Brooks' wedding planner added some context.

"This action has significant historical value and indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family," Kaye Jordon wrote.

Jordon said the moment was inspired by an Annie Lee painting.

Others online worried for Aubrey's safety. Some suggested calling DCS.

A DCS spokesman said Monday afternoon he wasn't aware of anyone calling a referral to the agency's hotline.

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