Police Association Supports Rallings As Director

localmemphis.com - The head of the Memphis Police Association said he supports the current interim director’s desire to get the job permanently.

Mike Rallings has been running things since early this year.

Just this week, the city's mayor encouraged Rallings to apply for the permanent job.

According to the man in charge of the police officers’ union, that is good news.

"One thing we know that's been going on over the last few years is relations between members of the Memphis Police Department and the folks who work in city hall haven't been great. And that's putting it mildly. So the selection of a new police director is a very big deal.">

The department has been running along under this guy, interim director Mike Rallings.

Mike Williams of the Memphis Police Association said Rallings is the best person for the job.

"Memphis is a unique city. It's the south, ok? And we deal better with individuals that we know as opposed to individuals we don't know," Rallings said.

Williams said all you need to do is listen to Mike Rallings at work.

He has a job to do. While it might cost taxpayer money, the bottom line is nothing gets in the way of protecting the people of Memphis.

"We definitely want to be good stewards of the taxpayers dollars. But at the same time we're responsible to handle any crime trends we see and we know that we have had a challenge," Rallings said.

Almost 80 murders in less than four and a half months is certainly a challenge.

Williams said the bottom line is officers are still leaving the Memphis Police Department. Several will leave next week for jobs in DeSoto County, he said.

More cops are needed, better benefits are needed, and he said Mike Rallings is needed.

"Why? His relatives are here. He was raised here. He understands the nuances of the city. So he has a vested interest. So he's also putting the citizens interest first on parallel with the officers," Williams said.

Mayor Jim Strickland has said he hopes to have a permanent police director named by the end of August.

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