Prosecution Rests In Trial Of Local Businessman

MEMPHIS, TENN ( - Prosecutors in the Mark Giannini trial called their last witness Wednesday afternoon.
It was day two of testimony in the trial of the local businessman accused of raping a woman in 2014. 
Giannini is accused of raping three women over a period of 13 years.
Mark Giannini's former housekeeper took the stand Wednesday and testified,  "He told me to make sure they draw her blood because he didn't want them thinking that he had date raped her."

Mark Giannini's former housekeeper recalled what happened June 19th, 2014 when she says Giannini asked her to take a drunk woman, who was at his house, to a Motel 6 where she was staying.

The housekeeper testified someone called police when the woman seemed out of it drunk and crying.

She says two days later she saw Giannini destroy his cell phone.

Mark Giannini's former housekeeper said,  "He threw his phone on the ground, picked up a big rock and started repeatedly smashing it."

The defense called one witness, a nurse, before court adjourned for the day. 
Testimony continues Thursday morning at 10.


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