Search For Black Bear In Frayser After Reported Sightings

An unusual sighting in Frayser. Multiple people reported seeing a black bear Thursday morning roaming in their neighborhood. Officers with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency combed the area around Alta Vista looking for the animal.

The man who first spotted the bear told Local 24 he thought he was seeing things. He says he heard his dogs barking, looked out the blinds into his back yard, and saw a black bear hopping the fence.

"And I couldn't believe what I saw running across and the dogs were right behind him, but they couldn't catch him either he was a fast bear,” says Kymon Norry. "He just was jumping the gates that's all I saw him doing, he wasn't trying to attack anybody just going from one gate to another gate.”

Memphis animal control combed the neighborhood looking for the animal.

"I was in their backyard trying to see some tracks but I didn't see anything really,” says Animal Control Officer Cory Gillmore.

Four additional people in the neighborhood say they saw the bear too.

"Anybody see something like that, that is amazing to see because you know it's not suppose to be out here,” says Tenesia Butler.

Officer Andy Tweed with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says this sighting is not unusual.

"We get them all the time believe it or not,” says Officer Tweed. “We get a lot of calls from hunters and fishermen like hey I saw a black bear, his is historically their home range.”

Officer Tweed says although Thursday's sighting is unconfirmed, people should still be on guard. He says the bear is likely a young male, not a danger to the public, just looking to get back to his home.

"The biggest key is that everybody needs to understand that it's here just let it do its own thing, don't try to spook it don't try to corner it and it won't bother you,” says Officer Tweed.

This bear sighting is unconfirmed officially, but if you happen to spot it, call Memphis Police immediately.






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