Tennessee's Gibson Guitar Company Highlighted By President Trump During Made In America Week

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) - Tennessee's Gibson guitar company was one of many American businesses highlighted at the White House Monday, as part of the Trump Administration's "Made In America" theme week.
President Donald Trump hosted businesses from all 50 states, each featuring American made products.
"Gibson, it's got a certain feel and sound to it that when you pick it up and play it you're just like yup this is the one that feels right to me," said Gibson fan and former Nashville resident Marshall Lefferts.
When Lefferts picks up a guitar to play in his Rush cover band, Spindrift, chances are it's a Gibson.
Fresh off a Gibson Guitar Factory tour in Memphis, Lefferts thinks Gibson was a  great choice to represent Tennessee at the White House.
"I think it's fantastic I mean there's not that many legacy items that are made in the United States any longer," said Lefferts.
"We have a plant in Nashville and in Memphis, we're here on behalf of the great state of TN, to support America," said Alex Juszkiewicz, a Gibson representative who attend the White House event.
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam tweeted the following:
 "In TN, we make things like guitars. Thx @realDonaldTrump for recognizing @gibsonguitar, a great TN company on #MadeInAmerica day. #MadeInTN"
For Lefferts, the history of Gibson adds to the special feel he gets when he's ready to play.
"Go out and try to find anything now that says made in the USA and it can be a challenge. You buy Gibson you know it's made here," said Lefferts.
At the Washington D.C. event, Hytrol's conveyor belt represented the state of Arkansas. The forklift by Taylor Machine Works represented Mississippi.

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