The U.S. House Is Expected To Vote On Trumpcare Thursday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( - Mid-Southerners protested Monday to tell U.S. Congressman David Kustoff to vote no on Trumpcare. The demonstration was organized by Indivisible Memphis.

About two dozen people gathered at Poplar Avenue and Ridgeway Road near Kustoff's East Memphis office. Organizers said simultaneous rallies took place at Kustoff's district offices in Martin and Jackson.

Demonstrators said they are concerned the bill is being rushed, and about the estimated millions who could lose coverage.

One woman said she worried her son, who has an aggressive brain cancer, will not be able to afford coverage if the propose healthcare plan passed.

"It's a life or death issue for us. And I'm out here marching because this isn't theoretical. You know everybody's talking about this in political terms," said Kathy Laizure. "This isn't political. This isn't theoretical. This is personal. People depend on this. My son depending on this."

Protesters said they tried to meet with Congressman Kustoff, but had no success. They said they sent him letters and a petition with close to 300 signatures urging him to vote no.

"We just want him to hear our voices. He hasn't listened, so we wanted to make a visible demonstration and make it very clear that we are against the American Health Care Act. We do want to fix Obamacare," said Emily Fulmer, an organizer with Indivisible Memphis.

In a statement, Congressman Kustoff criticized the Affordable Care Act, also known as, Obamacare.

"For more than seven years, Obamacare has driven people off their plans, after promising they'd be able to keep it, driven down employment and driven up costs.

Right now, 73 out of 95 counties in Tennessee, including Shelby County, have just one insurer on the health care exchange, and some areas, like Knox County, will have zero insurers next year. 

This is simply not sustainable. It's time for a change and time to allow Americans to make their health care decisions again."

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