Work to Repair Trolley Track Will Begin Soon

MEMPHIS, TENN ( - Downtown businesses along Main Street are hoping trolleys will be riding the rails again soon.

MATA just announced work on trolley tracks beginning May 8th.

Not only do they love the trolleys, but they look to them to bring them business.

It's been nearly three years since the trolleys that ran by rails were sidetracked after fires.

People along Main hope the announcement of construction means they'll hear the sound of the trolleys again.

Mark Parsell, with South Main Sounds, told Local 24, "I just like progress regarding the trolleys."

 Parsell says he's happy to hear the trolley's that once ran on Main Street rails could soon be back on track.

He runs a music hall on South Main. He says he's also running the Trolley Night event for six years the last three without trolleys.

Parsell said,"I kinda look at being in charge of Trolley night without trolleys is kinda like a coach without a team."

Parsell said,  "It's just not the same. There's a romanticism about the trolleys."

Right at Civic Center Plaza, near City Hall, is where you can see most of the damage to the tracks. 

There are tracks under the bricks from the wear of tires, constant pressure of the tires, and regular traffic. That's where the work will begin.

Jean Andrus, South Main Book Jugglers, said. "All of us are excited about the possibility of the trolley's coming back, soon. Last night the news came on, and my husband called me in and said look, so yay!"

MATA says starting May 8 the trolley buses will stop running on the Main Street Mall.

Instead, they will run southbound on 2nd Street and northbound on Front between Exchange to Peabody Place.

No word how long that construction project will last.

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