15 Former FedEx Employees Indicted for Stealing Mail

15 Former FedEx Employees Indicted for Stealing Mail

15 former FedEx employees at the hub facility in Memphis have been indicted for stealing gift cards, cash and marijuana.

MEMPHIS, TN - 15 former FedEx employees who worked at the Memphis hub have all been indicted for stealing items from the mail.

"Oh wow, Workers? That's not good, that's not good," said concerned citizen Felicia Thomas.

The stolen items includes up too $8,000 in cash, gift cards, and even packages of marijuana.

Karen Kueck said it all sounds too familiar and hits home for her.

"Just that it didn't reach my destination for my nieces and I think it was somebody that was within the office that I was working in."

A FedEx spokesperson stated that the company has zero tolerance for criminal activity and regards the security of their customer shipments a top priority.

A few of the former employees accused of having sticky fingers?

50-year-old Deborah Belcher of Memphis. She's accused of stealing Target and Wal-mart gift cards on at least 4 different occasions. Those cards were supposed to be mailed off to Washington, Maine, and Rhode Island but never made it.

22-year-old Argle Williamson of Memphis is being charged with stealing a package of marijuana and around $6,000 in cash.

45-year-old David Whitman Geer of Olive Branch is being charged with opening, detaining, and destroying mail.

The list goes on and on.

"The management should do something," said Karen Kueck."

These cases are being investigated by the U.S Postal Inspection Service with the assistance of FedEx Corporate security.

Each count carries a possible sentence of up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

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