2nd Annual Healthy Church Challenge

2nd Annual Healthy Church Challenge

Keeping the faith to lose the fat. The 2nd annual Healthy Church Challenge will kick off next week.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - They're using faith to get rid of fat. The Healthy Church Challenge is back to help people shed the pounds.

Dee Bond took the challenge last year and is ready to work up a sweat again. "I only lost 10 pounds so I'm looking forward to losing a lot more this year," she said.

The Healthy Church Challenge is a 100 day competition, focused on the faith based community. However it's not all about exercising.

"It's also about education. We're going to have an obesity summit to where members, dieticians, nutritionist, folks from the various farmers market will come in and talk about healthy eating and living," said Tavarski Hughes with Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee.

More than 55 different churches participated in last year's challenge, shedding over 3,000 pounds. If walking in faith isn't enough to motivate participants, the church whose members drop the most weight will win $5000.

"St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church with Rev. Patrick L. Lewis plans to win this year," said Bond.

There are also individual cash prizes as well. Bond says it's not about the money. "We just had a good time with the fellowship and the comradery and actually learning how to eat healthier."

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