AR Governor Signs Sex Offender Restrictions Into Law

AR Governor Signs Sex Offender Restrictions Into Law

Sex offenders in Arkansas are now banned from swimming areas and playgrounds at state parks. It's a new law just signed by Governor Mike Beebe.
( - Keeping children safe is the reason why Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed new sex offender restrictions into law. The law bans certain sex offenders from swimming areas and playgrounds in state parks. It targets level 3 and 4 sex offenders.

"Level 3 has the propensity to be a repeat offender. Level 4, the way I understand it, is a right out predator," said Dir. of Arkansas Parks & Tourism Richard Davies.

He said people fought for this law because they were concerned about sex offenders hanging out in parks near children. "I think it will be another tool in the protection of our visitors in state parks we didn't have before," said Davies.

Some people we talked to had mixed emotions about the new laws.

"It's kind of a two way street because I think if we want to believe in our justice system that people have been convicted, have done their time and being given a second chance, and then on the other hand communities and parents want to keep their children safe," said Debra Wakeman.

"Well maybe I ought to keep my eyes open and start watching a little bit more or something," said Nathan Hays.

Another bill signed requires sex offenders who move to Arkansas from another state to pay a $250 fee.
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