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Accusations of Gang Rape at Prominent Memphis Charter School

The mother of a 14-year-old girl says four boys raped her daughter on school grounds.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - The mother of a 14 year old girl says four boys raped her daughter on the grounds of a prominent Memphis charter school. She told police it happened at the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, also known as MASE.

The family says the 14 year old is physically fine, but who knows how she's doing emotionally. They did not want to talk with us on camera. The family is angry she would be attacked and raped on school property.

"It's really surprising because I wouldn't expect something like that to happen,” said a student Quentin Thompson.

That's the same reaction we got from many students at Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering. They hadn't heard about a student being raped on Tuesday until we told them. Police say four boys, all students, were involved. Sources tell ABC24 News the rape happened during the last day of class inside the boy’s bathroom. One of the boys is a basketball player.

"I know Memphis has some things like that but I wouldn't expect that to happen here, normally it's a pretty safe school,” said Thompson.

MASE school officials would not comment on camera but did tell us the school is investigating and taking it very seriously. MASE is the first charter school in Memphis. 6th through 12th graders attend the charter school. Parents we spoke to were too surprised to say anything on camera but hope the school and police get to the bottom of it.

Police know who the four boys are but no charges have been filed.
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