African Americans Upset about KKK's Planned Rally in Memphis

African Americans Upset about KKK's Planned Rally in Memphis

African Americans in Memphis are upset to hear the Ku Klux Klan is planning a return to the city.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - - "My thing is if they're going to come back, don't come back with your face covered. Come back where we can see you so we can face this head on. Don't hide behind that white sheet you wear on your face," said Gwen Martindale.

She is unhappy to hear about the KKK's plans to rally in the Bluff City.
The Klan's return is because of the vote by Memphis City Council to re-name Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, along with two others.

"The last time we was here there was a big riot, this time, the Klan will be prepared. Thousands," said Exalted Cyclops Edward.

"I want to put my foot in his behind. That's how it makes me feel. I'll beat the hell out of them. So they need to stay out of my way. It's as simple as that. That's all I'll say. I don't like racism. Stay away from me," said Wendol Lee.

On Martin Luther King Day, 1998, a riot broke out. Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong, an undercover officer at the time, was hit in the face with a brick and tear gas.
"We'll prepare for the worst and pray for the best," said Toney Armstrong.

He said his officers will be ready.

"I don't care how much police you put out there, if they're going to have a riot, somebody's going to wind up getting hurt," said Gwen Martindale.

Whether the planned KKK rally is violent or peaceful, it still makes some people uneasy.

"I feel like it's an re-enactment of history that's trying to manifest itself in the future," said Authenia Ellis.

According to a letter sent by the KKK to Mayor A C Wharton and Memphis City Council members Friday, no date has been set for the rally. But, the letter states, "We in the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are going to bring together as many Klans as we can into the city of Memphis. As you read this now we are already putting together a Ku Klux revival planned for your town. We are not going to let the statue or signs to do with Mr Nathan Bedford Forrest come down with out a fight."
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