Another MPD Officer Wounded by Friendly Fire

Another MPD Officer Wounded by Friendly Fire

For the second time in six months, a Memphis police officer was wounded by friendly fire.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - For the second time in six months, a Memphis police officer was wounded by friendly fire on Tuesday, March 5.

The details of the incident were strangely similar to the first, involving drugs, dogs and guns.

It happened about 3:30 in the afternoon; several officers attempting to serve a drug warrant were attacked by pit bulls. The officer left outside was the one who took the friendly fire.

"All search warrants are dangerous," said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong, "no matter what the circumstances are."

45-year-old MPD officer Calvin Taylor found that out the hard way, while helping serve a drug warrant at 4047 Berkshire in the Nutbush area.

“His assignment while executing the search warrant was to secure the perimeter of the residence,” Armstrong told

When other officers went inside, investigators say they were attacked by three pit bulls and opened fire with a shotgun.

“Several pellets penetrated a door, striking him in the leg,” Armstrong said.

Officer Taylor was taken to The MED in non-critical condition, but neighbors were shaken up.

“It’s crazy,” said Kayla Moore, “we shouldn’t have to deal with this, kids are out here all day long.”

While the wounded officer was shocking, drug activity in the neighborhood came as no surprise.

“There are drugs all around,” said Moore, “you really can’t avoid them.”

“We’re just grateful that he’s going to be okay,” said Armstrong, “he’s upbeat; never lost consciousness, knows exactly what’s going on. He does not appear to be in a terrible amount of pain.”

This was the second time in six months an MPD officer was hit by friendly fire. In November 2012, Officer Willie Bryant was shot by fellow officer Byron Willis while serving a drug warrant. Willis was aiming for a dog on the attack.

“You never know what you are going on face on the other side of the door,” said Armstrong, “whether it is an armed suspect, or some dogs trained to attack you.”

“Nobody has any self respect for anything, anymore.” commented Moore on the entire situation.

Officer Taylor has been with the MPD since 1998, and on the Organized Crime Unit since 2011.

Several suspects were arrested on the scene; charges are pending. Also, two of the three dogs that attacked the officers were shot and killed.
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