Anti-Smart Meter Flyers Hit Mailboxes

Anti-Smart Meter Flyers Hit Mailboxes

Anti-smart meter flyers have been mailed out to Midtown residents. The flyers encourages people to call city officials to get them to say no to smart meters.

MEMPHIS, TN--The smart meter controversy in Memphis is hitting mailboxes.  Opponents of the new technology recently mailed out urging MLGW customers to oppose the new smart meters.  It’s been an ongoing feud in Memphis for weeks, and some are confused about the whole controversy.

"I'm kinda scared of them. I don't want higher bills," said Debra Forbes.

These anti-smart meter flyers have been recently mailed out to residents who live in the Midtown area. The flyers encourage Mlgw customers to call their elected officials and tell them to say no to smart meters. If installed, 170 union jobs will be lost. Union leader Bill hawkins is listed on the flyer. Hawkins declined to speak on camera stating the flyer is self-explanatory.

"Bill Hawkins has spoken out of both sides of his mouth while telling folks you don't need a smart meter he has one at his house and he's not talking about that. That's why their not appearing on camera. Their embarrassed but their gonna have to address that issue when this comes before the city council," said Memphis City Councilman Myron Lowery.

This flyer also list reasons against smart meters which include higher utility bills, smart meter fires, and health issues. John Volmer participated in the smart meter pilot program and says he never experienced any of those issues.

"I'm in favor for it because it gave me the information that i needed by looking at my patterns and will actually go up and down as I turned my utilities on or off," said John Volmer.

The city is planning on installing 60,000 smart meters this year if it is approved by the city council. MLGW says smart meters are supposed to save customers money and stop crooks from stealing utilities.

It's all about choice were providing people with a choice. If you don't want a smart meter, you don't have to have one. People who want them and their are many should be able to get them," said MLGW Representative Glen Thomas.

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