Arrest Made In Online Threat Against Mid-South School

Arrest Made In Online Threat Against Mid-South School

Adamsville High School was on lockdown Thursday morning after a random threat of violence was posted on the internet.
MCNAIRY COUNTY, TN ( - A man accused of making threats about a school shooting in a small Mid-South town is locked up.

Adamsville High School was placed on lockdown Thursday morning after a threatening message was posted on a website.

Students had to go thru metal detectors before they could enter the school.

McNairy County sherrif’s deputies have arrested 21-year-old Cody Vaughn of Stantonville. He's facing three charges, one being a felony

Around midnight Wednesday night, the McNairy County Sheriffs Department was tipped off about a shooting threat aimed at Adamsville High School. It was posted to Topix website under the name "Sniper". Deputies took action.

"It's the first time we've reached out to them for a subpoena for an IP address. They were very cooperative, very quick in their response. Once we got the IP address we subpoenaed the provider that led us to our suspect," McNairy County Sheriff Guy Buck said.

Vaughn is a 2008 graduate of Adamsville High School.

"He was well aware it was gonna elicit a law enforcement response. Cause fear for the children, ause fear for the parents, and fear for the staff. So he was well aware what his action would cause but why he did it I couldn't tell ya," Buck said.

Vaughn is charged with three state crimes. Harassment, threats against a school official, and filing a false report.

"Filing a false report is a felony. The other two are misdemeanor crimes. Obviously the misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in jail and the felony is for more than a year," Buck said.

Sheriff Buck said the district attorney plans to prosecute Vaughn to the fullest extent of the law.
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