August 2013 Outlook Is Cooler And Wetter Than Average

August 2013 Outlook Is Cooler And Wetter Than Average

Cooler and wetter trends look to continue in August.

MEMPHIS, TN ( - July 1st: 83°; August 1st: closer to 90° and a bit more humid but not bad. 

Despite the somewhat different start, the two months might end up being very similar. 

For much of July, the jet stream was pointed right over the Mid-South leading to more fronts; meaning more storms and cooler temperatures. To think of it simply, North of the jet stream there is cooler air. South of the jet stream there is warmer air. 

We’ve started August and the jet stream has not moved much. It’s inched slightly North but it’s still close enough to paint on a cooler than average scenario; especially the more North you go. In the same way the jet stream separates cool and warm, it separates dry and wet. NOAA’s outlook gives the Mid-south a 30-40% chance of a wetter than average August.

The ‘jet’ also acts as a highway for storms that form to our northwest. As they pop up they’ll follow the jet stream right into the Mid-south leading to higher storm chances, more clouds and as a result lower temperatures.

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