Boil Water Alert Remains for Horn Lake, MS

Boil Water Alert Remains for Horn Lake, MS

The city of Horn Lake, Mississippi remains under a boil-water alert.
HORN LAKE, MS ( - People in Horn Lake, Mississippi are still under a boil water alert. Their frustrations are boiling over as well.

"I have an infant in here and I also have a disabled child. All of her bottles are made with water, I've had to use the bottled waters for that, to brush our teeth, and we took a bath last night here but that's the first time since Friday," said Horn Lake resident Martha Wilkinson.

Spencer Shields is the Director of Operations for the City of Horn Lake. Last week the Mississippi Department of Health notified him one of 10 water samples tested positive for E. Coli.

"I'd like to know how it got in there," said Horn Lake resident Randy Ramshure.

"We feel real comfortable that it's just a bad sample but the system is actually in good shape," said Shields.

Water samples were pulled from the wells Monday and will be taken again Tuesday to send off to Jackson for another round of tests.

"We should know no later than Wednesday," Shields said.

Until then, any water used for cooking or drinking should be boiled for at least one minute.

Bottled water has been delivered to three schools impacted by the alert. They are Horn Lake Middle School, Shadow Oaks Elementary School and Horn Lake Elementary School. School leaders also turned off water fountains and ice machines.

Shields added, "This is the first time the city has had this boil water alert; it's a little but learning experience for all of us."

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