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Breasts: Getting Bigger and Perhaps Deadlier

Not only are breasts getting bigger, they're also filled with more toxins, so says author Florence Williams in her new book, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History.
MEMPHIS, TN – Breasts; they feed us and excite us-but they can also kill us.

Florence Williams is the author of a new book entitled: “Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History.”

Just mention breasts and you’re greeted with snickers and sideways glances; they embarrass us, make us uncomfortable.

And at the same time they can be the source of enormous problems, both physical and psychological.

But, they certainly do get everybody talking.

“Obviously it was designed for women to have these,” said Memphian Tramica Morris, “and for men to like them.”

Yes, there are snickers and laughter; Americans are fascinated by breasts but can’t take them seriously.

“I don’t understand it,” said Lindsay Lunsford on a visit to Memphis, “I’m married and men always say bigger is better. But, I don’t necessarily believe that.”

However, most men do believe that.

“The theory is true,” Jason Jacobsen told abc24.com, “we are definitely fascinated.”

But, like the times- the advent of breasts in girls is changing.

“Modern life has changed breasts,” said author Williams, “they are arriving earlier and they are getting bigger.”

According to Williams, one third of all girls now start to develop breasts by age ten.

“Early puberty is becoming more and more common.” Williams said.

And that may not be a good thing.

“Because they are so fatty,” said Williams, “they actually attract a lot of industrial chemicals.”

Those chemicals can negatively interact with estrogen receptors in the breast.

“The breasts are the most common site in the body for tumors other than the skin.” Williams told abc24.com.

Aside from cancer risks, girls who develop breast early face other problems.

“They are also at higher risk for depression.” said the author.

“You’re getting the wrong attention for the wrong reason,” Morris told abc24.com, “so, once you get that attention it starts messing with your mind.”

Williams said exercise and a diet high in fiber stave off puberty, but eventually girls will develop.

“If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.” said Lunsford.

“If men want to look, fine.” Morris told abc24.com.

“It’s making it hard on us older guys,” said Jacobsen.

But, will he stop looking?

“No way!” Jacobsen said, laughing.

As previously stated- even with serious undertones, we can’t quite take human breasts seriously.

The author adds that they are unpredictable; turning babies and grown men into lunkheads.

Just ask any guy.
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