Bullets Flying off Shelves Cause National Ammo Shortage

Bullets Flying off Shelves Cause National Ammo Shortage

A national ammo shortage is making it difficult to buy rounds for your favorite pistol.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - "Well we had a shipment come in today a little before noon, it was bricks of .22, which was 30 thousand rounds and we sold out in two hours," said Jay Hill with Classic Arms.

What's becoming a national ammo shortage is only getting worse. Jay Hill works at Classic Arms in Germantown and said his phone rings non stop for .22 caliber bullets. Hardly any business can keep it in stock. So what's so special about this gun?

"It's just a simple weapon easy to use and very inexpensive," said gun owner Blake Adams.

"I think people are just generally worried that they're not going to be able to get the ammo very shortly. They're not sure what the government is going to do with all the bills that are going through the House right now. They're just stockpiling up," said Greg Richardson with Classic Arms.

Classic Arms employees say bulk ammunition to resell is hard to find. One couple shopping at their business was looking for bullets to use for critter defense but had no luck.

"It can get kind of irritating and the other part, not only is it not on the shelves but it's also higher priced when it is on the shelves," said gun owner Rich Fazio.

Hill said it's hard to keep up with demand. "I could sell a lot more if I could just get it; we have so many orders that are back orders. We're just waiting on supply to get here so we can call our customer and say, 'Hey your product is here, come get it.'"

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