Burglars Beat Up Family Dog

Burglars Beat Up Family Dog

Burglars are now beating up dogs in their target houses.
MEMPHIS, TN – Burglars and dogs. Usually one is enough to chase off the other, but that doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

Now the bad guys are beating up dogs inside the homes they plan to rob.

A $1000 reward has been offered to catch the burglars who broke into a Midtown house and badly beat the homeowner’s dog.

Bill Appling believes the crooks were watching his house. When he left for just a couple of hours, they broke down the back door and stole a bunch of valuable stuff.

But they didn’t stop there, they also beat up his blind and nearly deaf dog.

Ginger the rescue dog was home when some thugs broke into Appling’s house.

“In the process,” Appling told localmemphis.com, “they hurt her. With her being blind, I’m sure she didn’t get out of the way.”

“Talk about adding insult to injury,” said Alexis Amorose, the Executive Director of the Memphis and Shelby County Humane Society.

Ginger was kicked in the head and back and was cut up and stomped on.

“She’s on some medication now,” Appling told localmemphis.com, “but she’s a happy girl.”

Ginger and her companion, Radar, will be fine. But the incident is indicative of a change in the bad guys.

“There’s a new breed of burglar out there,” said Amorose. “People who are no longer afraid of your pet.”

Appling is a dog lover from way back, and even though the thieves took two large screen TV’s and two laptops, it were the injuries to Ginger that bothered him most.

“I plan on offering a $1000 reward,” Appling said.

“I can assure you that if this $1000 reward works,” said Amorose, “if Memphis Police can locate the person responsible, we’ll step up and prosecute for animal cruelty.”

“It may sound kind of mean,” Appling told localmemphis.com, “but payback is--.”  

Unfortunately, Ginger’s case is not isolated.

This happens more often than any of us would hope,” Amorose said.

The best advice, don’t rely on your dogs for security. Otherwise, like Bill and Ginger, you might be making and unscheduled trip to the vet.

“They have gotten over it,” said Appling pointing to his dogs, “I have not.”

If you know anything about the people who hurt Ginger and you’re interested in the $1000 reward, contact the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.

You can also contact localmemphis.com, just click on the “about us” tab at the top of the page.

We’ll make sure your information gets to the right place.

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