Car Thieves Target Desoto County

Car Thieves Target Desoto County

A series of car break-ins has Desoto County residents watching what they leave in their cars.
SOUTHAVEN, MS (– A series of Car break-ins has Desoto County residents watching what they leave in their cars.

The Desoto Athletic Club is warning people on their Facebook page that a group is targeting carts at health clubs, day cares and churches.

There have been reported break-ins at the Olive Branch YMCA, and at a Home Depot store there, as well.

In Southaven, there have been three break-ins at the Desoto Athletic Club, which was shocking.

“It doesn’t happen here,” said DAC trainer Kendra Fawley, “but it did.”

What happened at the Desoto Athletic Club in Southaven is a string of car break-ins.

“I got to the gym about nine in the morning,” Fawley told, “At ten our operations manager said we think your car might have been broken into. Sure enough, the window on the drivers’ side rear was broken. They just reached in and took my purse—and they were gone.”

Similar break-ins were happening elsewhere.

“The incidents were sporadic through the city,” said Southaven Police Lt. Mark Little, “I didn’t see a lot that stood out that this is a ring of people.”

Management at DAC disagreed.

“This is not your typical group of teenage thugs coming in to see if they can score some cash out of somebody’s purse,” said DAC Marketing Director Marya Green, “this is a very professional group of people.

The break-ins are captured on video, including the escape cars; that helps a little.

“One of them was a white Nissan Altima or Maxima,” said Little, “with tinted windows, with possibly two occupants. But that’s all we could tell.”

Police have increased their presence at the DAC.

“Instead of just driving through and leaving,” said Green, “they’ll stick around awhile.”

The gym is also sending out e-blasts and Facebook posts telling people to be careful; and urging members to listen to the cops.

“We do stress that people not leaving anything of value I their cars.” Little told

Failure to heed those warnings could lead to your own smashed window and repeating after Kendra: “It doesn’t happen here but it did.”

Southaven Police Lt. Mark Little said breaking a window as opposed to jimmying a lock is by far the preferred way for the bad guys to get into your car.

And make sure you have a working car alarm; although it may not save your car it will chase away the bad guys limiting them to just one target.

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