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Clarksdale Animal Shelter Recovers from Money Misunderstanding

It started over $250 donated to the Clarksdale Animal Shelter. The shelter director was suspended and animals were left with no full-time care.
CLARKSDALE, MS (abc24.com) - It started over a money misunderstanding: $250 donated to the Clarksdale Animal Shelter.

Last month that donation created a mess. The shelter director was suspended and animals were left with no full-time care. Now the director is back on the job and says there's been a complete turn-around there.

Nelghotti Ramsey was suspended because he didn't want to turn money he raised for the shelter over to the city. He says he wanted to be sure the donations went to the animals. During the last month the city has worked things out.

"We're on good position now," he says. "It took a long time to get to this point."

"I was off work for two weeks, two weeks without pay. When people donate money, they want to see what it's doing. That was my whole goal. I wanted to show where their money is going."

Ramsey was suspended in October because he disagreed with the city about where the $250 in donations should go.

"We got that all squared away. I think they made the best decision to let me continue doing my job. The city got the money and put it into an account. They gave us a special account set up for the animal shelter."

It's what Ramsey wanted in the first place, without the suspension, but he's not holding a grudge.

"It turned the bad situation to a good situation."

He says the publicity from what happened has helped the shelter.

"Now a lot more people know exactly what we're doing and how we're doing it. Now they want to help."

"It's back on track. We had a little setback, but we all learn from our mistakes. It was a learning experience for everybody. Now we know how to do fundraisers a different way. The community will be safe in knowing exactly where the money's going "

The shelter operates on donations and volunteers. Ramsey says they've been able to do some remodeling recently since there's now more help. He adds adoptions are also up.
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