Congress Pushes For National Elvis Presley Day

Congress Pushes For National Elvis Presley Day

Memphians are no stranger to celebrating Elvis. There's a whole week dedicated to him in August. His birthday is recognized by both the city and Shelby County. If a house resolution were to pass, that day would be celebrated everywhere in the U.S.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - He's one the most famous entertainers of all time, selling more than a billion records and remaining a cultural icon 35 years after his death. We're talking, of course, about the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Despite his world wide fame, there are some who believe the king doesn't get enough recognition here at home. Efforts are underway in the nation's capitol to make his birthday National Elvis Presley Day.

"Everybody loves Elvis. Why not?" ask Jasmine Williams. "He's beloved by many people," agrees Brittany Mitchell. "Not just in Memphis."

About a dozen U.S. Congressmen love Elvis. In November they submitted legislation that would make his birthday a holiday.

"It's about time," Williams says. "It's been years and years."

If House Resolution 818 passes, January 8th would be the country's first day honoring the King of Rock and Roll.

The bill was written by a Congressmen from North Carolina and quickly sponsored by ones in Florida, Texas and Mississippi. They point to Elvis' musical success and how his legacy remains strong to this day.

"Everybody loves his music, the sideburns, outfits everything," agrees Williams. Excited fans, like her, are already thinking of ways they'd celebrate. "Sing some songs. Maybe everybody come with their Elvis outfits on and have a party," she laughs.

But not everyone is ready to pull out their blue suede shoes and sing the king's praises.

"I don't think we need an Elvis Presley Day," says Donna Gaulding.

"It just seems like a waste of time," adds Brad Gunner. "They've got more important issues to handle.":

"I think if we have a day for him we should have a day for someone else," says Vick Maslowski. "Maybe we could have a singer's day. How's that? And include Elvis Presley in there."

"Hey look, if it draws more tourists and brings more money to the state, then go for it. But it probably won't," Gunner says.

"It would be fun," Mitchell says. "I don't see why it would be a problem at all."

If passed, the resolution wouldn't give anyone a day off work, it would merely encourage people to recognize the day. There are just a few weeks left in this legislative session. It would have to be approved before the new Congress is sworn in January 3rd.
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