CrimeStoppers Head Stumped by Lorenzen Wright Case

CrimeStoppers Head Stumped by Lorenzen Wright Case

CrimeStoppers Memphis turns 30 next year.
MEMPHIS, TN - CrimeStoppers Memphis turns 30 next year. Its track record at solving crimes is impressive. But the director of the program says the latest high-profile case has CrimeStoppers stumped.

Since it began, CrimeStoppers has solved about a crime and a half a day, on average. But the case of Lorenzen Wright, murdered 4 ½ months ago, has everyone scratching their heads.

“Sometimes, I think, the only people who are really interested in Lorenzen Wright's demise are the Police Department, CrimeStoppers and his family,” said CrimeStoppers Exec. Dir. Buddy Chapman. “Because it's almost like a stealth case. It's unbelievable.”

Chapman started CrimeStoppers when he was Director of the Memphis Police Department nearly 30 years ago. He says the lack of tips on the Lorenzen Wright case is shocking. There have been only 22 total, nothing helpful.

“No, I would not consider it a lot on this case, and this case has been so extraordinary in that regard,” said Chapman.

Rewind to another high profile case. 2007, the murder of University of Memphis football player Taylor Bradford. CrimeStoppers tips poured in and helped solve the case.

“In that case,” said Chapman. “It was all over everywhere, people were talking about it and people were wondering.”

Chapman can't believe Wright's case isn't getting the same attention.

“Someone knows. There is someone out there that knows the details of every single crime that's been committed,” Chapman said. “If they didn't see it happen, they heard someone talk about it, they know something.”

Chapman says he thinks it will take a big cash reward to get the tip they need to find Wright's killer. CrimeStoppers is offering a $1,000 reward. The Memphis City Council is offering $5,000. Wright's mother is also trying to raise reward money, but Chapman says they haven't had any big donors step forward.

If you have any information on the Lorenzen Wright case, or any other unsolved crimes, you can call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH (2274). All calls are anonymous.
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