CrossFit Craze: Will It Whip You Into Shape?

CrossFit Craze: Will It Whip You Into Shape?

Hardcore, cult-like, the best workout of your life. That's how CrossFit has been described. Does it really work?
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Hardcore, cult-like, the best workout of your life. Do a quick Google search on CrossFit and that’s what you’ll find. It’s been around for nearly 20 years but it’s becoming more mainstream in Memphis. So what exactly is CrossFit, and more importantly, can it whip you into shape?

“CrossFit is one of those things that’s hard to explain. It’s more of a ‘You have to do it’ type thing,” said Michelle Kinney, co-owner of CrossFit Chickasaw. You’ve probably driven by the “box” on Poplar Avenue and wondered, “What are they doing in there?” Kinney says it’s a mix of weightlifting, running, jumping, squatting, and pulling yourself up on a pull-up bar - all things that can help you get better at doing the things you do in real life.

As a CrossFit coach, it’s Kinney’s job to help members get into the best shapes of their lives. Tommy Farnsworth is a believer. He started CrossFit five months ago. “Oh, it’s a transformation of my body. I absolutely look and feel different than when I started,” said Farnsworth.

Kinney says safety is always a top priority. “We just hammer technique. We want to see you’re moving well and safely before you touch a weight.”

Farnsworth says he enjoys the team atmosphere, “In this gym there is a great rapport and sort of a team spirit…pulling for you to finish, set a new record, it’s pretty neat,” he said. “It’s all about you and your progress. You don’t have to be the best one in the gym, you just have to be a better you each day.”

Michelle Kinney competes internationally. She placed 10th in the World CrossFit Games in 2010, 17th in 2011. She is working to qualify for the 2013 games.
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