Children Recovering from Daycare Van Crash

Children Recovering from Daycare Van Crash

A day care van crash in Midtown Memphis injured several kids Friday morning.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - "Everything time I think about it, you know him going through that windshield and landing on that concrete it just tears me up inside," said Grandfather Alton Christopher.

Christopher was standing outside Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in disbelief after his 2 year old grandson's surgery. Alexander Christopher was injured in the Friday crash of a day care van near Lamar and Roland in Midtown.

"He might have been still in there if he was in a seat belt. He might have stayed inside of a van which they couldn't probably ensure the injuries he would have had because the van flipped over, but I'll take my chances with a seat belt," said Christopher.

When Alexander was thrown from the van, he was left with a fractured face, missing teeth, and damaged lungs.

Police say no other cars were involved. Employees at Taylor's Learning Academy declined to speak about the crash.

"It's supposed to be a chaperone on the bus. It was only one driver and he don't get back in the back to check and see if they are buckled up or nothing," said Aeisha Christopher.

"We will take any prayers from the community. We wish that people would just take better care of these children at these daycares on these buses. Safety is the thing. These kids are our future," said Alton Christopher.

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