DeSoto County Gun Sales Booming in Wake of New State Law

DeSoto County Gun Sales Booming in Wake of New State Law

Business was booming Monday at gun shops, despite a judge blocking the state's open-carry law from taking effect on its first day.
SOUTHAVEN, MS ( - Even though Mississippi's newest gun law is officially on hold, Desoto County's Sheriff says his deputies are actively enforcing it.

Translation: residents can now carry guns, without permits, as long as they are within sight. Concealed weapons still require a permit. All in all, it's a win-win situation for local gun shops.

"We have had an increase in sales," said gun shop owner Monte Dabbs.

A steady flow of customers at his Southaven gun shop awaited service Monday. Regulars, like Mike Smith, see the new gun law translating into a push to buy more weapons.

"I do think they're buying more because they're being scared of the laws coming up," said Smith.

Tasers, revolvers, and rifles also are becoming popular items as they now also fall under the state's new open carry law. Smith says it's about more than a law.

"I think you should be able to carry because that's our right, being an American," said Smith.

As weapons fly off the shelves, Dabbs says Mississippi may set a trend for the entire country.

"I think the state of Mississippi just stood up and said we're not going to be unconstitutional. It's our right to carry a firearm and protect our family and ourselves. I think the state stood up and said we're going to allow that," said Dabbs.

A hearing is scheduled for July 8 in Hinds County Circuit Court to consider more arguments about whether to extend the temporary injunction on the new gun law.
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