DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Receives New Guns

DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Receives New Guns

Deputies in Mississippi's fastest growing county are getting an upgrade.
HERNANDO, MS ( - After about ten years, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is receiving new weapons, and at no cost to taxpayers.

"We currently carry Glocks and that's what we're trading for again is a Glock. They won the bid again. We noticed in our last final qualifications some malfunctioned with the age and worn parts," said Chief Macon Moore with the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.

The worn guns will play a part though. They'll be included in the trade with the Louisiana-based company Barney's in exchange for new weapons for the Sheriff's Department.

"We're trading in our current Glock 40 calibers and we're trading in approximately 60 seized firearms that we've confiscated through our narcotics division, and with the trade in on both those seized weapons and the current duty weapons we were able to trade for about a $7,800 difference for roughly 160 firearms," said Moore.

Chief Deputy Moore says those weapons will be put to good use in both training and in the field to protect the county and the officer wielding the gun.

"Your duty weapon is something you hope you never have to use, but if you do need it you want it to work," said Moore.

The guns are expected to be delivered within the next 90 days.

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