Disasters Can Happen Without Notice. Are You Prepared?

Disasters Can Happen Without Notice. Are You Prepared?

September is National Preparedness Month. Earthquakes, hazardous material spills, tornadoes, wind damage and other disasters could happen at any moment.

MEMPHIS, TN – (localmemphis.com) When disasters like earthquakes happen are you ready to help if needed? 

September is National Preparedness Month and it’s aimed to make sure we’re all ready to deal with anything from quakes to tornadoes to chemical spills. 

The Shelby County Office of Preparedness says you have got to taken ownership of your own survival so you can help others. The first step is learning what events might happen here. 

Take your pick and be ready for any of these in the Mid-south. Earthquakes, flooding, hazardous material accidents, power outages, fires and any number of weather events. 

A major step in being prepared is having a kit. Make sure you have got enough food, water, documents and supplies to sustain you and your family for at least a week. Designate a safe place for each event. 

Wind and tornadoes are powerful storms; get to the inner most room away from windows. In the case of hazardous materials; go to an interior room that's not a basement that can be sealed off. Stay informed and in touch; whether it’s through radio, television or social media. Make sure you have means to hear what’s going on. 

Another way is with an all-hazards radio with battery back up. 

Finally, know how to get in touch with your family and that others have a way in case you cannot. Label important numbers in your cell phone as I.C.E. That stands for “In Case of Emergency”. 

At this point, knowledge is power. Be a buddy and make it a point to help those that need it. The National Weather Service offers SKYWARN classes that train you as a weather spotter. The next one is September 13.  You can also participate in community emergency response team training (CERT). Everything is open to the public, for more information visit www.staysafeshelby.us

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