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Dry Weather Means More Ants Inside Your Home

Pest control companies have been working overtime to control ants and mosquitoes in Mid-South homes.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - The heat is back in full force in the Mid-South. As you make an effort to stay cool indoors, pest experts say you may have some company. Pest control businesses are dealing with more house calls for ants and mosquitoes. The heat and dry weather is forcing ants inside to find moisture. Terminix Pest Control in Bartlett, TN has seen a 10 percent increase in calls for ants than last year.

Trey Locke, Bartlett Terminix Manager, says, “They're going to go inside for a water source. They need moisture just like you and I.”

Homeowners can help keep ants from entering the home by trimming foliage and trees around houses. Ivy running up the sides of your home and branches overhanging on the roof act as ladders for ants to enter your home.

Carpenter ants can cause as much damage to homes as termites. Damage from termites racks up 5 billion dollars a year, more than fire, floods, and earthquakes combined.

The weather is also to blame for an increase in calls to get rid of mosquitoes. Pest experts expect the pests to be around well into the fall season.
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