East Memphis Squatter Calls Judges "Incompetent"

East Memphis Squatter Calls Judges "Incompetent"

The case against the woman who claimed a $3 million East Memphis mansion was hers, will go to the grand jury.
MEMPHIS, TN - The case against the woman who claimed a $3 million East Memphis mansion was hers, will go to the grand jury. Tabitha Gentry, also known as Abka Re Bey, was found living in the bank owned property in early March. She was arrested and charged, her bond set at $2 million, Wednesday, a Judge reduced that bond to $50,000. The Judge waited until the end of the day to begin the hearing, it lasted nearly two hours.

Dozens of young lawyers and law students filled the front rows of the General Sessions courtroom in Shelby County. The Judge referred to the hearing of the self-proclaimed Moorish National as an "educational experience" for them.

Gentry walked in court with a smile. She told the Judge she was representing herself, "I'm Moorish American, we do not hire attorney's."

Gentry began the hearing by explaining her beliefs, telling the Judge, "Judge's cannot hear arguments, they are incompetent."

She also stated that she challenges the status and jurisdiction of the court. She told the Judge, that she is the rightful heir to the mansion under a treaty between Morocco and the United States signed by George Washington.

Gentry continued to refer to the home on Shady Grove as her property, she never denied being inside. During cross examination of a SWAT officer she asked, "Why did it take y'all so long to come to the house? Why didn't y'all come? I had been there for 12 days, 13 days and no one come out." The Judge abruptly cut her off saying, "Ma'am, please be advised, as I told you earlier anything you say can and will be used against you."

The Judge told Gentry that all charges will move the grand jury, "Although that may be your philosophy, your perspective, your beliefs as a Moorish National, the laws of the State of Tennessee do not recognize those beliefs." The Judge told Gentry, "You are not an apparent heir because you claim to be Moorish National. That is not within the laws of the state of Tennessee as you have interpreted them."

Even though Gentry's bond was reduced to $50,000, it will still be difficult for her to bond out of jail. She was indicted Wednesday on separate charges of aggravated assault, from an attempt to run over police officers. That bond is $30,000. She has a third bond for $10,000 for failure to appear.

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