Exclusive Interview with Grizzlies Player Tony Allen's Mother

Exclusive Interview with Grizzlies Player Tony Allen's Mother

Grizz nation wants something to cheer about after that tough game one loss. So, how about an interview with the Grindfather's mom? Tony Allen's Mother is at his Memphis home.
Cheering for her son, Ella Allen says she's proud to be a Grizzlies Mom. As a kid Mama Allen described Tony as rambunctious and energetic. She introduced him to basketball to keep him out of trouble and off the streets. She said she always knew one day he would play in the NBA.

"Tony has always wanted to do the best, he's always wanted to shine. He always want to beat someone in the race and do better than the next person. He's always had that competitive edge about him. Competition all the time," said Ella Allen.

Memphis embraced Tony Allen 3 years ago when he coined the phrases "all heart" and "grit 'n grind." He is the heart of the Grizzlies and Mama Allen agrees. His 14 year old daughter Kiki Ellis says she was happy about the win against OKC, but had one question for her dad.

"I asked him a question about him throwing the towel because he actually threw the towel and he said he didn't mean to do that. I was just laughing because it was kinda hilarious. It was out the blue," said Kiki Ellis.

But the Thunder are now the past. The Spurs are the current problem. Game one was a loss for the Grizzlies, 105-83. Mama Allen says she's not worried and Grizz fans shouldn't be either because it's a long series.

"I think they got a great chance at it. I think they are capable of doing such. We'll have to see each game. Both of their playing styles are so much alike. Just now who wants the game the most. And I do have faith in the Grizzlies. Go Grizzlies! I want them to win and I'm quite sure they can pull it out," said Ella Allen.

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