Five Year Old Trapped on Daycare School Bus

Five Year Old Trapped on Daycare School Bus

A five year old boy was forgotten, trapped inside a daycare's school bus for five hours Monday evening.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - A five year old boy was locked inside a school bus for more than five hours on Monday, January 28.

Alexius Jenifer, the child’s mother, told that her son Dearious Ragland was picked up by a day care bus from Kipp Diamond Academy shortly 2 p.m.; she also said the day care provider was Kid’s School Daycare.

But, when everybody else got off the bus, Dearious was left inside.

Nobody realized Dearious was missing until five hours later. When his parents arrived at school to search for him, they found him inside the bus.

“We got to the school and all the lights were off and all the doors were locked. His father said: D.J. is on the bus. Oh my God, I was in shock; I couldn’t believe it," Jenifer said. "His father broke the gate down but the bus door was sealed. Luckily a window was open so he told D.J. to climb out the window. He was safe, but he was shook up. He didn’t talk to us, just shook his head yes and no, and looked very afraid.”

The boy was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital as a precaution.

Police took his mother’s statements, but because there was no physical harm they did not write an official report, instead issuing a numbered memo.

Jenifer said the owners of the day care apologized; she thanked them, but they would no longer be doing business.

His parents said that as Dearious was being examined, he kept repeating he never wanted to ride the school bus again.
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