Former Oakland Mayor Pleads Guilty to Bigamy

Former Oakland Mayor Pleads Guilty to Bigamy

A judge has issued former Oakland mayor Scott Ferguson a one-year suspended sentence after he pleaded guilty to bigamy.
MARION, AR ( - Former Oakland Mayor Scott Ferguson pled guilty on his bigamy charge. He paid his fine and the case was closed, but the worse is yet to come. Now he has to deal with the civil court case.

"His real problems will start on the civil side of this thing in divorce court,” said Crittenden County Chief Investigator Mike Callender.

Randall Scott Ferguson faces a tough battle with his third wife, Miguelina Mora. Sources tell us they met at Premier Martial Arts in Cordova. They took karate class together, fell in love, and married on Valentine's Day in Marion, Arkansas.

"She basically said they had a relationship for about a year and she didn't know he was married,” said Callender. "I don't know what he expected. I mean he's not stupid."

Mora, not one to be played for a fool, filed a complaint against Ferguson at the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office when she found out he was a bigamist. Callender says when Mora confronted Ferguson about his other wife, Lori the mother of his 4 children, the ex-mayor blew it off.

"He said oh don't worry about it, just tear it up that I'm already married, that marriage license is not valid,” said Callender.

Well, it was valid and it's against the law to have multiple wives. I broke the news to the Ferguson family that he was in trouble with the law. His brother, Brian Ferguson, told us Scott was home when we paid him a visit in Jonesboro but later told us he wasn’t there.

Ferguson turned himself in Tuesday, April 2. He paid a $2,525 bond and smiled for his mug shot. He faced a Marion court judge Thursday, April 4, where he pled guilty and paid a $350 fine - a small slap on the wrist this time, but the real fireworks will start in divorce court.

"It gives the divorce lawyers some ammunition,” said Callender.

Now that the criminal case is over the civil case is just getting started. We're told Miguelina Mora is trying to get her marriage annulled.
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