Freezing Temperatures Bring Relief To Allergy-Sufferers

Freezing Temperatures Bring Relief To Allergy-Sufferers

Ragweed and pollen have been zapped from cold weather, bringing relief to those who suffer from seasonal allergies.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of American listed Memphis as the eighth worst place to live this fall with allergies. Allergy-sufferers should be feeling a little relief now that cold weather has arrived.

Freezing temperatures have killed off the major fall season allergy producers like ragweed and pollen. The first night with below freezing temperatures was recorded at the Memphis International Airport on November 28th. Many other Mid-South locations, though, felt freezing temperatures nearly a month earlier. Those with seasonal allergies should be feeling better.

Allergist Dr. Steve Cole says, “Some people are lucky enough to have seasonal allergies. They may only have allergies to grass, ragweed, or trees.”

Dr. Cole says the majority of allergy-sufferers have symptoms that last all year. People allergic to mold, dust mites, and pets may see an increase in symptoms during the winter when cold weather forces us to be inside more. The end of fall allergy season also overlaps with flu season.

“What I'm seeing now are people coming in with allergy as well as viral problems and they don't know which is which. This is the overlap period,” says Dr. Cole.

The best way to stay sniffle-free this season is to stay hydrated. Cold viruses thrive when the weather outside is cold and dry.
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