Friend Defends Woman Charged in Student Stabbings

Friend Defends Woman Charged in Student Stabbings

A woman is coming to the defense of a Memphis mom who stabbed two Raleigh Egypt High School girls.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - A woman is coming to the defense of a Memphis mom who stabbed two high school girls.

Valerie Potts, 33, is charged with Aggravated Assault. Memphis police say Potts stabbed the girls as they walked home from school. Witnesses say Potts' daughter was involved in the fight with her classmates when the mom jumped in and attacked them with a knife.

Glenda Glinsy used to foster Valerie Potts' 3 children. Glinsy says Potts was in the wrong when she attacked the girls, but locking her up in jail won't do anyone any good.

"She doesn't know any better that she would be thrown to the wolves," said Glinsy.

Glinsy took care of Potts children for more than a year. When she heard Potts was arrested on Monday for stabbing a high school girl in the back and another girl near her eye, she was disturbed.

"I agree it was a bad choice to get a weapon but teenagers in today's society would walk up on us as if they're adults so we need to revisit who the teenagers are and we need to teach the parents how to resolve conflict," stated Glinsy.

DCS has taken Potts' kids away several times because of drug abuse.

"She might've been under the influence of drugs, cocaine to be specific," said Dr. Jamie Gray with the Shelby County Drug Program.

Dr. Gray screens inmates that need help dealing with drugs. He says it's not unusual for someone to act like Potts if the person was under the influence of drugs during the attack.

"A person who is acutely intoxicated off of cocaine, which is a stimulant drug, that could mimic the manic side of bipolar," he said. "People can become totally out of touch of reality. So that means they can become hyper-active, or hyper-emotional and they can react in any kind of way."

That's why Glinsy hopes the mother of 3 will get the help she needs.

"Ms. Potts needs to stand up for what she did but she needs help more than incarceration."

Potts' three children are in the care of their grandmother. Potts is being held at the Shelby County Jail on an $80,000 bond and is due in court September 4th.
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